I’ll be stepping down as head writer

I will be stepping down as head writer and Neil Wright who has been with this page from the start will now take over that role. If by some chance he’s unable to fulfill the role I will step back in.

I will continue to write reviews, but I just won’t be as frequent. I’ll review a couple of times a month (most likely in February) though I will post my 2013 film log next month and perhaps 1 more posting.

I’ll still be active here only more behind the scenes rather than on the page. By stepping down it allows me to work on some new features for the page as well as my own personal writing. But from time to time I’ll still write so I won’t fully be gone from the page.

There will be some new blogs here I hope in 2014 stuff that I’ve wanted to do, but couldn’t balance it all. Perhaps now I can get certain things going.

Thanks to everyone who has supported the page the last 2-years.

9 Responses to “I’ll be stepping down as head writer”

  1. good luck!

  2. I wish you the best of luck!

    • Thank you. I’ll still post here and there. Just far less than I have. But as I said in the post if for some reason Neil Wright cannot keep the page active ill step back in.

      But if that’s the case I will take a long break

  3. trashfilmguru (Ryan C.) Says:

    I hope you won’t give up writing reviews entirely, it’s always good to read your stuff!

    • Thank you. I greatly appreciate that. I’ll still review just far less. If Neil cannot run the page as head writer in April I’ll return.

      I have other projects I need to work on so I just can’t do both. If things go as planned ill post once a month with 3 or so reviews

  4. Where’s the dislike button?

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