Batgirl Issue 17: Frogs, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails (Comic) Review

Batgirl Issue 17: Frogs, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

***** Out of 5

This issue of Batgirl is self contained so you don’t need to have read any of the past issues. This time Batgirl is given her first mission by Batman to look into children of the middle class being abducted and held for ransom, Stephanie over sleeps, but when she gets there she comes across Robin who put himself on the mission and together Batgirl and Robin must work together to solve the case.

This issue the plot is light and everything is wrapped up a little too easy, but this was all about the dynamics between Batgirl and Robin. The best parts of the Batgirl series are the interactions between the 2, which is a dislike due to the arrogance from Robin, but their is also a mutual respect and one can see Stephanie Brown and Damien Wayne as a brother/sister relationship just a bit dysfunctional as Damien is well a little nutty best way to put it.

This issue has some really great writing as the scenes with Batgirl and Robin are hysterical and when Robin has to go undercover its really funny, but tragic as well since though he’s 10-years old he cannot relate to kids his own age and he doesn’t know how to just be a kid and even Batgirl feels bad for him due to how awkward he is. But it’s still also really funny with a deeper level and the finale was epic as Stephanie takes Damien out so he can just be a kid and even though he doesn’t show it he enjoys himself. He mentions wanting to stab Stephanie, which is just Damien being Damien as he can’t relate to people and doesn’t have social skills. Though that might sound demented, which I suppose it is, but even Steph knew it was just an act on Damien not wanting to let his guard down.

In my opinion this issue was hands down the best of the Batgirl series and makes for such fun to read and reading it over its just as good each time out. If you never read any of the Batgirl comics no worries since this is self contained and you don’t need to read the issues with Robin since the writer does a great job that you can just pick this up and still get the dynamics of their relationship. I’ll admit even though I loved the past issues with Batgirl and Robin I wasn’t very fond of Robin, but this issue really added a lot of depth to him and he’s starting to grow on me.

It’s a shame this series was cancelled to return to the Barbara Gordon Batgirl as I would love to have seen more issues with Robin and Batgirl (steph) but regardless I highly, highly recommend this issue (and series for that matter) while yes the plot is weak, but the brilliant interactions between Batgirl and Robin makes this a great, great and fun read.

Overall this was just a great issue to a really awesome series. I love Stephanie Brown as Batgirl she’s just a fun character in a really fun series. Stephanie has now taken the mantle of my all-time favorite superhero and this issue in my opinion is the highlight of the series. Like I said this was just so funny and entertaining. So what are you waiting for??? Go,read this now!!









14 Responses to “Batgirl Issue 17: Frogs, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails (Comic) Review”

  1. Victor De Leon Says:

    Nice review! I need to read this one. I didn’t know that the title was cancelled. Too bad. I liked Stephanie Brown too.

    • Yeah it is too bad. Only good thing is I don’t need to buy a whole slew of comics. I’m at 18 of 24. By the way I think I screwed up.,I,wrote this was issue 18 right? It’s actually 17.

      I’ll,edit it later. Thanks for,reading Vic. Perhaps next comic review will be a story arc from Batgirl.

      • Victor De Leon Says:

        I’d love to see more comic reviews from you. If I could recommend Severed, Revival and The Strain. All good horror books. But I dig that you are sticking to DC titles. Breaks it up a bit. Good job.

      • Yeah right now I’m on my Batgirl kick. I,always had a thing for strong female characters so I love Batgirl and Steph is my favorite.

        Next month I might have something different in store. Not sure if you read them but a few years back there was a 4 issue Halloween comic called NightDance.

        So odds are I’m gonna review that. I also have a Chucky comic. I could also do that in October and last but not least I have issue 1 of Supergirl. So perhaps I’ll review that at some point.

        After the holidays you will see more comic reviews from me and not just Batgirl

      • Victor De Leon Says:

        YES!!! I have those, dude. You should re-read them and review them. It was a great story. I have other horror titles too like Freddy, Jason and Ash. Plus a slew of others.

      • I never got around to those. But Halloween I had to get. I have them right next to me. So yeah I think I will cover them. Though that will be posted in October.

        I haven’t read them since their orignal release. So time for a re-read

      • Victor De Leon Says:

        I’m gonna go thru the titles I own and I’ll e mail you a list of what I have. October is gonna be awesome for posts and such. Can’t wait. πŸ˜€

      • Yeah i can’t wait either!! I might do another review or 2, but I also wanna hold off until October.

        By the way, if you wanna read the Batgirl comic I can email you the pages. I think you’d really dig it

      • Victor De Leon Says:

        yeah send it to me. thanks! you have my e-mail address right?

      • I believe it’s stored in my account. I will send you 4 or 5 emails. I will label each email 1-5 when I send mass emails they don’t always arrive in order. So I will label them.

        After I send I will comment you so you know

      • Victor De Leon Says:

        awesome bro! thanks.

      • Ignore the 2 emails I sent. Delete them. I screwed up. Was distracted. I am gonna resend them

      • Victor De Leon Says:

        ah ok lol I will πŸ˜€

      • Ok now it’s right. I labeled them new 1, new 2 and so on. Should be a total of 5. If by some chance you don’t have all new 5. Let me know (might take a while for all 5 to go through)

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