Graduation Day (1981) Review


Review under a rewrite will be posted shortly.



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  1. It’s a shame that Christopher George, who would die just two years later, had so many sub-standard films under his belt. He was a much better actor than what he was cast in. If you know what I mean. Great review.

    • Thanks. And yeah I agree on George. Regardless he’s one of my favorite actors. Its funny how around the time he started making these exploitation flicks like Grizzly and crazy gore films like Pieces, he and his wife were often on McCloud or Love Boat lol.

      So yeah I agree he was better than the films he started in around this time, but I’m also glad he was in them since I enjoy these films (well not so much this one) and I am a big fan of Chris George.

      • Yeah, me too (a fan that is) a shame that the injury he sustained in The Rat Patrol killed him in ’83. Such a loss.

      • I love how he could play a good guy or a bad guy and be great at both. As a villain in films like Enter the Ninja and his guest spot on McCloud you really wanna see him get his.

      • It was damned scary as the bounty-hunter turned deputy in the John Wayne film, Chisum. great actor all around.

      • I haven’t seen that film in years!!!! I love old west history such as Billy the Kid so I’ve seen that. Though it was a little too inaccurate and that’s why I haven’t seen it since my original viewing, which is about 10-years (probably closer to 12).

      • LOL I remember how disappointed I was when I found out that the real Chisum actually waited out the Lincoln county range war back east far from harm while his hired guns fought the battle for him! Yup, a little inaccurate for sure!

      • I had a massive file on the Lincoln County War (lost now when my house flooded) it was for a project I was working on. Never really go much into it. When dealing with events of over 100-years ago its tough sometimes to get the truth. Plus the file was so huge it was hours and hours and hours of work and just got overly complicated.

        But it was odd to make Chisum the hero for sure lol. Of all the films I’ve seen on the Kid, Young Guns comes closest to the truth to,a certain degree. There were 100s of people involved way too much for a film or even mini series. So characters are combined and certain events will change, but Young Guns from what I’ve seen is closest. I haven’t seen Pat Garret and Billy the Kid in years so I don’t remember how true or how much they strayed.

      • I really liked Young Guns and its depiction of the Lincoln county war. I still don’t think that anyone has ever really captured the story of Garret and Billy the Kid.

      • It would be too difficult to capture it. I tried actually. But with so many people involved and so many battles making a film like that would be like a 300 million dollar budget and a book would be thousand upon thousands of pages.

        That’s why only so much accuracy can be had. You can’t have 50 characters with Billy the Kid so by eliminating some you eliminate events. That’s why you combine. I tried but it was overwhelming. So I began to drop characters. I had too many. By dropping characters you need to drop events or alter them. For instance if there was a big battle that you must include, but didn’t use any of the people involved well then somebody has to die that didn’t really die at that point.

        Like the end of Young Guns. Charlie died way later and not at the house battle in the end (actually his death was how Doc died in Young Guns 2) difference is Doc got mad at Billy and left, when he got shot he ran out and opened fire to help the others escape.

        In reality, Doc died of old age and Charlie went out to check the horses and was mistaken for the Kid. He didn’t return to fire he just walked up to Garrett I believe Charlie had a pic of his wife and basically dropped dead in front of Garrett

      • Unfortunately, events have to be altered, either (as you point out) because of financial reasons or because the truth is too mundane. At least there is enough raw material to allow a lot of stories to be made about it. 🙂

      • If you read up on the true story some of this stuff if not most is far more dramatic than the films. I spent hours on this stuff and was like wow this is nuts. I really need to,revisit Young Guns as a kid I used to watch it everyday lol

      • I believe you! Nine times out of ten, truth is not only stranger than fiction, but more dramatic. 🙂

  2. Sounds lame….

  3. I haven’t seen enough 80s slashers to decide whether I’m a fan of the genre yet so I’ll probably give this a go at some point.

    • I love 80s slasher flicks. Don’t know when but I plan on posting a top 10 or 15. Its just tough getting a list in order. Or I’ll just do one big list and break them down in slashers I love and slashers I find good, but not great.

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