Vintage Horror Newspaper and TV Guide Ads

























16 Responses to “Vintage Horror Newspaper and TV Guide Ads”

  1. Nice!!

  2. Cool beans! ‘He Knows You’re Not Alone’ is a nice ad, I don’t remember if I ever saw that flick but the ad got me interested. Love the FT13th ads for USA network – especailly, “You’d think she’d learned after what happened in parts I & II”

    • He Knows You’re Alone was Tom Hanks acting debut. It was also shot not far from where I live. Been around many of the locations so its sort of a film I have a bias towards.

      I love the Friday the 13th ads. Think I like the butcher one best. I had a few more ads but wouldn’t upload. Stupid WordPress.

      Got most of the best ones though

      • I like to post a lot of pics in my posts – I always make sure they are all jpegs (if not I change them in paint program) and decrease thier size to aprox. 4×5 if they are big. They are usually able to upload if I follow these steps. Then sometimes I have to insert them into the page a few times before they all appear… don’t know if this helps, I’d hate for you not to post something really cool that we would all like to see 🙂

      • I upload through an iPad. Use the app. My laptop got ruined in the flood. However every post I have made all through the app. I found it easier.

        But as of late photos don’t show. The 2nd window where I see my upload status doesn’t always show the picture so I gotta check. It’s a long process.

        Ever since the app updated its been whacky. Then suddenly works fine than problems. I got all the good ads in anything left out wasn’t major.

        But yeah no laptop but I always posted via the app. Everyone tells me to contact WordPress but I keep putting it off until tomorrow than its the next day and so on…

      • I hate when co’s do an update and makes changes you don’t expect. Apple reminds me every day that there are two updates for the I-pod. One of them has a major change that I don’t want.

      • The update to the WordPress app did have some good changes (didn’t read the whole thing). But right after I had trouble. The Dawn of the Dead Gallery was the first. What’s a simple 2-min thing turned into nearly an hour!

        There was another update figured this will fix it. Nope same problem. The upload status window doesn’t show the picture so I need to go back to the post make sure it’s there.

        When a few pictures no biggie. But a bigger upload can be a bitch. So now what I do is gather up everything I wanna post and set it up. I figure let me encounter the problems all at once.

        Stupid updates. I had a writing app after the update crashed every time I opened it. Deleted it and got another (all my writing files I save to email as well in case of problems like that).

    Some will pass the test.
    God help the rest.

    Lol, awesome post man!

  4. would you evr sell those halloween ads?

  5. do you know what site the halloween ones came from?

  6. what did you type in to find them?

    • Halloween newspaper ads and Halloween vintage ads.

      It will be easier if you type in each title from the series with the year of release. Along with newspaper ads or vintage ads

      It can difficult to find. You may have to do the search several times.

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