Horror by Year: 1974

This is my first Horror by Year blog where I’ll give my top picks of the whatever year I go with. No reason for starting with 1974, but this was a fantastic year for the horror genre. There are certain films I haven’t seen and some I haven’t seen in a while to fairly rate. So at anytime this list can be edited. I don’t wanna add films to reach a certain number. So I went with my 6 favorites of the year.

6. Silent Night, Bloody Night- *** Out of 5


5. Frightmare- **** Out of 5


4. House of Whipcord- **** Out of 5


3. Living Dead at Manchester Morgue- **** Out of 5


2. Black Christmas- ***** Out of 5


1. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre- ***** Out of 5


5 Responses to “Horror by Year: 1974”

  1. Silent Night, Bloody Night – excellent choice!

  2. great poster art! Never saw House of Whipcord, gonna have to check it out.
    Just wanted to let you know I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. If you’d like to participate, stop by my blog for rules. If You do not want to participate, that’s fine too. Just wanted to show my appreciation for your blog. http://parlorofhorror.wordpress.com/2013/04/10/versitile-blogger-award-2013/

    • House of Whipcord is fantastic. Its currently on Netflix.

      And yes I would like to take part. I have been nominated in the past, but things slip my mind. I got a lot going on and trying to keep,this blog going, keeping up with other blogs, my personal writing things easily slip my mind. All my posts are set up in advance. I look through my files and decide what to post and I set it up all in one night.

      But this time I plan to follow the rules and partake. Things just easily get by me these days lol

  3. […] The Possession and Last Road Reviews examined a few Horror posters from the year 1974 in their Horror by Year […]

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