Horror by Year: 1982

Here’s my top 10 of 1982, which was a solid year, but as a list its not the strongest year. But I enjoyed all the films in my top 10. I know some people will disagree with my rating for the Thing. I like the film, but just never loved it as much as most Carpenter fans. Many cite that as one of if not his best. I’m a massive Carpenter fan, but it doesn’t crack my top 5. But again I do like the film just not as much as other people. Maybe one day that will change.

These lists are a work in progress as there will always be films left out since I either haven’t seen them (its not easy to track down certain titles and can be a bit expensive). Also there are films i haven’t seen in years and cannot fairly rate them. So at anytime the list can be altered.

10. Living Dead Girl- *** ½


9. Madman- *** ½


8. Pieces- *** ½


7. The Thing- – *** ½


6. Halloween 3- *** ½


5. The Dorm That Dripped Blood- *** ½


4. Friday the 13th Part 3- ****


3. The Slumber Party Massacre- ****


2. Tenebre- ****


1. The New York Ripper- ****


18 Responses to “Horror by Year: 1982”

  1. Incredible list. Love the inclusion of Pieces. Not a lot of people know about it but it is very much a cult classic. Also Tenebre was very good. Nice site by the way, I am now following. I recently started my own film blog and would love for you to check it out.

  2. Another fantastic post! I love Horror by Year!

  3. THE THING!!!! 5 STARS!!!!

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  5. Victor De Leon Says:

    Good picks! Gotta side with Tim on this one. “The Thing” needs to get 10 Zillion Stars, man!!! 😉

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