Universal Monster Movie Photo Gallery

Well I figure to make my return here might as well get a theme going and I’m gonna focus on the Universal Monster movies. I’ll probably break it down in 2 volumes with another batch of reviews and photo galleries at a later time.

I haven’t been around here nearly as much I try and keep up with reviews from everyone else, but sometimes that goes out the window. So to kick things off here’s some awesome photos from various Monster movies from Universal

(Note all photos of the Frankenstein Monster are Boris Karloff unless otherwise noted).













Lon Chaney as the Monster with Bela Lugosi


Another of Chaney as the Monster


Bela Lugosi as the Monster


Glenn Strange as the Monster


Glenn Strange as the Monster with Boris Karloff





8 Responses to “Universal Monster Movie Photo Gallery”

  1. Fantastic photos. I’ve been working my way through the Universal Monsters blu-ray boxset recently.

    Excuse my ignorance, but what is the film with Chaney Jr as the monster and also starring Lugosi?

    • Ghost of Frankenstein. However it’s not on the set. Though there is a double feature DVD along with Son of Frankenstein.

      • Ok cool thanks. Yeah, am going to try and track down some of the others once I have worked my way through the set.

      • Son of Frankenstein was very good. It lacked the touch of director James Whale, but from a filmmaking side the best of the series. Ghost of Frankenstein the series became B-Movies but still a solid effort.

        I would also recommend Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein which was a lot of fun with Chaney as the Wolf Man again and Lugosi returned as Dracula.

        Only downside no Karloff as the Monster. While he helped promote the film he didn’t wanna turn his creation into a joke, which I totally get. But would have been great having Karloff, Lugosi & Chaney in the same film.

  2. Boris was my Fave Frankie, no suprises there, but I liked Glenn Strange second. He didn’t do much ‘acting’ in the films but I liked the look of the make-up combined with his facial features.

    • Yeah totally agree on the make up. Nobody can touch Karloff in the role obviously. But 2nd favorite was Lon Chaney. Followed by Strange.

      Lugosi was a distant last

      • Lugosi just looked too much like Dracula in Frankenstien make-up. lol. The Lon Chaney make-up looks good in the pics you have, what movie is that?

      • Chaney was the Monster in Ghost of Frankenstein. Which was the last solo Frankenstein film.

        My problem with Bela was he kinda started the walking idiot cliche. However good reason sort of. Bela wasn’t the original Dr. Frankenstein creation, but all mentions of that were removed.

        So his performance was ruined, but it wasn’t good to begin with so I guess it doesn’t matter

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