My Top 5 90s Slashers

5. I Still Know What You Did Last Summer


4: Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later


3. I Know What You Did Last Summer


2. Scream 2


1. Scream


4 Responses to “My Top 5 90s Slashers”

  1. I think the Scream series is highly under-rated. Great list.

  2. Would New Nightmare qualify? Highly underrated, smart slasher which was a precursor to Scream.

    • No idea if you’ll see this. Commenting from my phone can be an issue. Might reply again from my iPad.

      To answer your question sort of. Based on my list you can see I’m going for a certain type of slasher and New Nightmare didn’t really fit that criteria. Its sort of a slasher, but not really you know what I mean?

      Sort of like the original Texas Chainsaw the plot is your standard slasher plot with slasher setups, but it isn’t really a slasher.

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