My Top 11 Batman Films (Because a Top 10 just ain’t cool enough)

Well here it is my top 11 Batman films. Most people give a top 5, 10 or 20but here at Last Road Reviews we like to do things differently so you get a top 11.

This list will build up to my favorite Batman movie. Those who know me I’m sure already know my top 3.

11. Batman Year One


10. Batman Forever


9. Batman Returns


8. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2


7. Batman: The Movie


6. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm


5. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1


4. Batman


3. Batman Begins


2. The Dark Knight Rises


1. The Dark Knight


8 Responses to “My Top 11 Batman Films (Because a Top 10 just ain’t cool enough)”

  1. Victor De Leon Says:

    Year One! Hell Yeah and TDKReturns Parts 1 and 2 rule. Great list!

    • Thanks Vic. Year One could have been higher but it just moved too quickly in regards to the story. Both Dark Knight Returns movies were good. 2nd was a slight letdown but good none the less.

      But my top 3 picks nothing else comes close. 4-11 are very distant to Nolan’s trilogy

  2. Great list, but where’s Batman: Under the Redhood? That’s one of my all time favourites lol. Nonetheless, awesome post, keep it up :).

    • I wasn’t really into that one. It wasn’t bad or anything, but never got into it.

      Thanks. I’m sure you knew my top 3 before even looking lol.

      1 more Batman post to come and than onto other things.

      • Fair enough. I think everyone’s top three are the same lol. Love Batman, so keep em coming :).

      • One day I’ll review Nolan’s. I have a review for Dark Knight Rises. It’s 1 of 3 here. Former writer Steve posted 1 and my review is more of a brief one packaged with a review by another former writer.

        One day I’ll give it a full write up with the other 2. I started a review for Dark Knight but it was way too fanboy lol so I stopped lol I try to not write fanboy reviews so one day…….

  3. I didn’t know their were even eleven to pick from.

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