Bruce Wayne/Batman: My Rankings of the Actors

With the casting of Ben Affleck as the new Bruce Wayne/ Batman I figured I’d post my list on the best and worst. With this list I’m building up to my top pick. Anyone who knows me should already know who I have at number 1. I’m only listing live action and leaving out the animated versions.

5. George Clooney


4. Val Kilmer


3. Adam West


2. Michael Keaton


1. Christian Bale


2 Responses to “Bruce Wayne/Batman: My Rankings of the Actors”

  1. Victor De Leon Says:

    Good list bro! I still prefer Keaton to Bale even with his bad hair. I know Bale’s the flavor of the month and his grim and dark portrayal is very dynamic but I have a soft spot for the Burton films. Not too sure some days why but I do but I do. Good job, man!

    • Bale is one of my favorite actors plus I prefer all the characters more in Nolan’s than past films and all the actors as well.

      What can I say I’m a Nolan fanboy lol.

      I liked Burton’s Batman but Returns was just ok for me. Keaton was very good, but for me not enough depth for the character. He was IMO the least developed character.

      But like I said I’m a big fan of Bale so for me nobody comes close and it’ll take a lot for me to ever favor anyone else

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