Christmas Themed Reviews

So last year I had a batch of reviews for Christmas themed horror films, which originally was meant to be far more elaborate. At first most if not the entire month of December was meant to be all Christmas films and not just horror. However due to my house flooding and losing so many films that was sort of derailed and I ended up posting reviews that I already had written.

The blog was fairly successful so I figured why not do it again? For the most part it will be all horror films again, with a couple of non horror films thrown in. I have a list set up but that could change. But seeing as all these films my reviews are pretty much written (or in need of a bit touch up) I don’t see any problems. Here are the list of films I plan to cover as of now. Like I said some may miss the cut and others could be added, but it will probably go like this (this isn’t the order I will review them by the way).

December 2nd is when I’ll kick it off and it will end December 9th.

After that I have an announcement to make regarding the page.

Until than here’s the list of films.

Silent Night, Deadly Night
Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2
Dorm That Dripped Blood
I Come in Peace
Lethal Weapon


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