2014 Home Video Releases: The Bottom

2014 Bottom 10

This isn’t final as I could add more titles at a later time since its far too expensive to keep up with every single home video release. I’m not getting screeners all are paid from my own pocket.

And here are my picks for the worst of the year. Granted some could have been left off, but I have little patience for shoddy releases from major studios.

Most of these lists all come at the end of December, but I hold off simply because I wanna get the list to as close to 100% and get it detailed. This is simply about the video release so a film I love could make the bottom list whereas a film I dislike could make the top list since its quality of the release and not the actual film.

Here’s my list for the bottom of 2014 in home video. This list (or the ones to come) aren’t final. All the films listed plus the ones that didn’t list are again paid for out of my own pocket. So since I don’t get any screeners keeping up with all the 2014 releases and not to mention blu-ray and DVDs from other years it can be quite expensive and again paying for it myself it might take a while before I can get to everything. (I’ll repeat this text in the upcoming blogs).

The remainder of the 2014 lists will be coming next week. I just needed a little more time.

(All titles listed are blu-ray).

10. The Outsiders- Warner Brothers
Ok so this isn’t actually a bad edition, but why not include the original theatrical version? This is basically the same edition as the DVD only with improved quality, but why not make an upgrade truly worth it? This doesn’t truly deserve a spot here, but I just feel if blu-ray is the better format make it a worthwhile release.

9. Mr. Majestyk- Kino Lorber
Kino is a terrific company though extras can be lacking and this only has the trailer. The film itself decent, but a little more could have been done. On the plus side though audio and video are solid.

8. Death Wish- Warner Brothers
The case has a sticker on the plastic that makes a big deal over it being the 40th anniversary, but it isn’t much of an edition as the only feature is a trailer. While a letdown, the audio and video are a major step above the DVD and was quite better than I expected. But the fact this classic has no extras is just wrong. Originally I wasn’t gonna place it on the bottom list, but had no choice.

7. Kindergarten Cop- Universal
While audio and video are solid, but nothing amazing this release only has a trailer and there isn’t even a menu. I get not every film can get a 5-star treatment, but there really isn’t an excuse for such a subpar release when far lesser known films from independent companies get far better releases one would think Universal could have done a little more.

6. Weekend at Bernie’s- Fox
Decent audio and video and the only feature is a trailer. Fox was too lazy to even have a menu. Despite being a successful film I’m sure its not in high demand and I suppose a release like this was expected, but this is just a lazy effort.

5. Exorcist: The Complete Anthology- Warner Brothers
The original film is presented in both theatrical and directors cut on separate discs and is identical to the first blu-ray release. It’s an excellent edition so no complaints there really isn’t much more that could be done. The two sequels and prequels however are nearly identical to the DVDs and audio and video is a slight notch above the DVDs. One thing is clear WB put as little effort into these as possible and its nothing more than a cheap cash grab. While the sequels and prequels aren’t exactly held in high regard (3 gets a little bit of respect) but that doesn’t excuse such a poor release from a major studio no less.

4. People Under the Stairs- Universal
The audio and video are about average and not a whole lot of effort was put into this. It’s a minor upgrade over the DVD. There are no extras not even a trailer and there isn’t even a menu as the film just starts. I understand not every film can get a 5-star treatment, but Universal a major studio shouldn’t give such a subpar release.

3. Saw: The Complete Collection- Lionsgate
There are some pros and cons here; first we have 7 films spread out over 3-discs. However blu-ray can hold a lot of information so quality won’t take a dip. The case is a standard blu-ray case size, which makes things easier in terms of shelf room. However there are no extras, but the Saw films never were really jam packed. The reason I’m rating this on the bottom list is the audio is 5.1 Dolby Digital. While it doesn’t sound bad it isn’t HD quality audio like the single releases. I simply do not understand why Lionsgate would downgrade the audio from the single releases. The scariest thing is Lionsgate gave the Leprechaun series a far better release!

2. Silent Night, Deadly Night- Anchor Bay
This really pains me to place it here and I tried to avoid it, but I can’t. SNDN was released on DVD 3 times. The first being in 2003 in a double feature with Part 2, the 2nd release just the original and the 3rd release again in a double feature. All 3 releases had the same audio/video and extras and that be applied to the blu-ray. The transfer is identical to the DVD and is nothing more than an up converted DVD. The only new extra is a lame audio commentary. If you put your old DVD in your blu-ray player than well you have a copy identical to the actual blu-ray. Shame on Anchor Bay for simply giving us an up convert of an 11-year old master. Any upgrade is so minimal that I would only recommend this if you get it at bargain bin price. You don’t have to take my word for it just look at other reviews and screenshots. It’s pathetic what Anchor Bay gave us.

1. Tourist Trap- Full Moon Pictures
The audio and video isn’t better than a solid DVD release and worst of all there’s 5-minutes missing from the film spread out. It was over a decade between my first and 2nd viewing so I can’t comment on how this effects the film, but regardless with that and the subpar audio and video make this a skipper.

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