So long WordPress

perhaps it’s just my tough luck here, but I think it’s time I give up here. I got a new phone and I’m having issues with my passwords which led me to having to change a bunch of them. Same issue here so I changed my password. If I try to edit a post I’m asked for my password but nothing happens however I can upload a post. Go figure. I also can’t access several posts waiting to be published.

If I have something I feel I really wanna review I’ll upload it. Outside of that. Fuck you WordPress 

8 Responses to “So long WordPress”

  1. Sorry to hear about your troubles. So far, it’s been smooth sailing for me.

    For what it’s worth, I enjoyed your rundown on the Leprechaun series! Best of luck to you!

    • Thank you. After a while the issues I have here just got to enough is enough.

      I’ll post here and there but if I find another platform I like more I’m gone for good. Or until I encounter no more issues but it’s been an ongoing thing

  2. trashfilmguru (Ryan C.) Says:

    Really sorry to hear about your troubles on here, hope you find a new blogging home soon! Let us know about it when you do!

    • You know the issues I’ve had in the past, which is why I actually slowed down here.

      At some point I’ll have to return here as sadly this is the only place that has all that is needed to run a blog. I simply don’t have the time to maintain a site nor the knowledge on building one.

      If the issues cease I’ll be back full time. Though I don’t see things clearing up. As I mentioned in a previous reply if I have things I really wanna share I’ll post it. But I can say for certain that won’t be for a couple of months.

      I used to be here way too much but that glitches. WordPress is like that abusive spouse you keep taking back but this time I’m going away for an extended period of time unless things here change. I’ve run out of patience basically

      • trashfilmguru (Ryan C.) Says:

        It’s amazing how different everybody’s experiences with the same thing can be. I’ve heard a lot of people complain about wordpress, so you’re far from alone, and here I sit on the other end, haven’t had a single problem yet! Guess I should be thankful for my good fortune.

      • Sucks other people have issues but at least I know it isn’t just me. I deleted all my scheduled reviews. Some need editing and I’m having issues there. After time away hopefully things work. Unless I find another platform cause sadly glitches and all this is the best place!

        Funny thing is I say I’m stepping away and get an alert my stats are booming lol someone trying to tell me something lol

  3. Hentai Man Says:

    Sad stuff man. I enjoy reading your reviews. Non-pretentious, well-written. No flowery purple prose either. Honest and to-the-point. I hope you resolve your issues soon.

    • Thank you I really appreciate that. I emailed WordPress and not a single response. Actually two emails. But these issues are the reason I’ve become inactive. It’s frustrating and I created this page as an escape from daily life. I took down my scheduled reviews and just start over. Some needed editing and this way they just don’t get posted. The only thing WordPress has going for it glitches or not it’s still has more to offer than other blog sites (which sucks). If I can’t find another place I’ll just do what I’ve been doing. Go on a mini blogging spree than MIA for a bit.

      I have a few reviews written but nothing I feel I need to share right at the moment. When I have that need if I can’t find another place I’ll post it here. Hopefully by that point any issues I’ve had (which is over a year now) will stop. I really did enjoy it here. That seems like ages ago now

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