Hey there

Well as many know I encountered a lot of glitches here, which frustrated me to the point where I stepped away for a while and due to not being able to find a better platform I always returned. However as anyone can see I’m barley active here.

Being gone so long there’s some changes so it’s sort of like learning the site again. I think though I’ve finally found a new platform. It’s called horror amino, which is a social network site for horror. For the time being when I do write reviews it’ll be on horror amino with certain things I’ll also post on WordPress. But as some of you know I’ve been searching for a new platform. Odds are I won’t get as many views, but that’s fine. My blog posts are few and far between and odds are it’ll be even less.

Here’s my page. If you join please follow me. (Link may not be clickable so just copy and paste if you wanna give horror amino a look) 


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