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Amazon Jail (1982) Review

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*** Out of 5

Release Date- 1982

Running Time- 93-Minutes

Rating- NR

Screenplay- A. Palacios & O. DE Oliveira

Director- Osvaldo de Oliveira

Starring- Elisabeth Hartman, Sergio Hingst, Mauricio do Valle, Sandra Graffi

Released in 1982 Amazon Jail is the 2nd film by Osvaldo de Oliveira that I’ve seen with the first being Bare Behind Bars. I actually never heard of Oliveira before until I picked up the Bad Girls Behind Bars Collection from Blue-Underground, which included this film and Bare Behind Bars as well as three films by Jess Franco. Both of Oliveira’s films were previously released in single editions by Blue-Underground several years before the set so I’m quite surprised I didn’t at the very least know of Oliveira. Between the two films I’ve seen by Oliveira I would give an edge to Bare Behind Bars as its silly fun, which I think was intentional, but does take a meaner approach in the final act and many of the sex scenes were actually hardcore. The one area Amazon Jail has over Bare Behind Bars are the women are better looking as none were all that attractive in the other film while some were ok they are far better looking here. Amazon Jail is a Brazilian film and while the film obviously isn’t European its very much Euro-sleaze.

Women are being lured and than kept captive and forced to have sex with men for money. A few of the girls manage to escape, but are than taken captive by another group of men and once again stage an escape.

The screenplay was written by Alfredo Palacios & Osvaldo de Oliveira under the names A. Palacios & O. DE Oliveira. Palacios besides co-writing was also a producer on the film. The script is your typical WIP film and I don’t think anyone really cares about the writing. Unlike Bare Behind Bars, Amazon Jungle is written a little more straight, but isn’t without plenty of silly dialogue.

As director Osvaldo de Oliveira crafts a film that’s quite fun and with the silly dialogue and poor dubbing it only adds to the fun factor. The pace of the film starts off strong, but does get a little sluggish, but seeing as the film is a hack job Osvaldo de Oliveira mostly manages to keep Amazon Jail fun and there’s no shortage of nudity, which also helps the pace.

Overall Amazon Jail is an entertaining film loaded with silly dialogue, poor dubbing and a whole lot of nudity. While this film is by no means an essential in the WIP film fans of the genre should find enough here to make it a worthy viewing.