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Bare Behind Bars (1980) Review

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*** Out of 5

Tagline- Behind Bars No One Can Hear You Scream

Release Date- 1980

Running Time- 95-Minutes

Rating- NR

Writer/Director- Osvaldo de Oliveira

Starring- Maria Stella Splendore, Marta Anderson, Danielle Ferrite, Neide Ribeiro

Released in 1980 Bare Behind Bars is a sleazy exploitation film very much in the style of Euro-sleaze only this film isn’t from Europe, but South America, Brazil to be exact. The film was written and directed by Oswaldo de Oliveira (the credits spell his name with a V rather than W). I never heard of de Oliveira until I saw this film and I’m quite intrigued by him. If you’re looking for a plot well this isn’t the film for you. This WIP (Women in Prison) is sexploitation. Bare Behind Bars is 95-minutes and I’d say 95% of that running time is filled with girl on girl action with a couple of guy on girl scenes. One thing you should know is some of the sex scenes are simulated, but there is also some hardcore action as well. If its sex you want you get it in spades. One scene of girl on girl features one getting a dildo used on her and you can see its really being used. Another scene has a delivery man getting head from a prison guard and he also goes down on her and I’ll assume the sex was real as well. There is another scene of a girl going down on a guy and the last sex scene also is hardcore as we can clearly see that much. If anything Oswaldo de Oliveira sort of reminds me of a Brazilian version of Joe D’Amato.

The biggest problem with Bare Behind Bars is the cast isn’t exactly the best looking lot. While the girls aren’t ugly they aren’t nearly as active as most women in WIP films. However they are decent looking enough and regardless seeing as they’re nude throughout most people won’t be looking at their faces. I don’t think anyone goes into films like this looking for a plot, which is a good thing in the case of Bare Behind Bars since there is no plot at all. It’s just sex, nudity, sex, nudity and sex. If you like girl on girl action as much as I do well Bare Behind Bars is the film for you. But there really is zero plot and I’ve seen porn films that had a better plot than this film. There was a time when porn films were just that; they had plots and sex and Bare Behind Bars is the same only with less plot.

The script by Osvaldo de Oliveira seems like it was just patched together as a way to get girls naked and have sex. I’m not really even gonna mention much about the writing since again there’s no plot and if anything the final day 20-minutes have hint of a plot.

Director Osvaldo de Oliveira crafts a fun and silly film packed with nudity and sex throughout. My guess is the film at no time is really meant to be taken serious until the final act when Bare Behind Bars takes a darker and meaner approach. For the good portion of the film Oliviero just focuses on sleaze and while the sex scenes work they aren’t as graphic as you’d seen in porn even if they are hardcore. The last act of Bare Behind Girls is quite insane and is totally different than what came before. The three girls that escape attack a family, kill the wife, kill the husband than he’s castrated and its fed to the dog to stop it from barking than they sexually assault a young boy! Later one girl while going down on a guy castrates him and shoves his you know what in his mouth.

For me outside of the girl on girl action the best part of the film was Marta Anderson as Barbara the Insane Nurse. Fans of cult cinema should recognize Anderson from the 1985 exploitation film Massacre in Dinosaur Valley, which sometimes goes under the title Cannibal Ferox 2. Anderson is hysterical and all her scenes are quite fun.

Overall Bare Behind Bars is a silly and campy sex romp with hardcore action. This isn’t the holy grail of the WIP film, but its a nice addition to a style of film from days gone by. While the girls aren’t exactly Pam Grier they are decent enough looking and again doubtful anyone really focuses on their faces! While its campy throughout the final act takes a different approach and the sexual assault of a pre-teen boy is quite shocking.