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BTK Killer (2005) and Curse of the Zodiac (2007) Reviews

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BTK Killer

* ½ Out of 5

Why do I punish myself with such garbage? Here’s yet another turkey from hack filmmaker Ulli Lommel. The only real positive thing I can say is as bad as this movie is it was better than Curse of the Zodiac, but I suppose that’s not actually a compliment. I really don’t wanna waste anymore time on this than I have to. The script is terrible, but at least it does provide a couple of laughs due to the idiocy of it all. As director Lommel again shows what a hack he is and some scenes are meant to be dark and disturbing and perhaps with a director with a hint of talent it could have been just that, but Lommel just makes hysterical and idiotic.

Bottom line this movie sucks, but anyone that has scene Lommel’s work I guess that isn’t much of a surprise.


Curse of the Zodiac

* Out of 5

Ok I’m gonna keep this as brief as possible since this movie doesn’t deserve a lengthy review. Back in the 80s Ulli Lommel made a couple of cult classics and while not greatly made movies they are great compared to this trash. I have seen my share of bad movies, but this easily rates as one of the worst. The script by Lommel is down right pathetic and it’s not even so bad it’s good. The dialogue for the killer is beyond poorly written and mostly it’s the same dialogue over and over. Was he even trying to write a good movie or was the goal to write one of the worst scripts ever? If the latter is the case it’s a succes.

As director Lommel has no sense of pacing or any real knowledge on how to shoot a scene. The budget is quite low and it was shot on some cheap video format and I’ve seem YouTube videos that have far better production values than this does. It’s amazing that at every turn Lommel gets everything wrong. During the kill scenes the camera will sometimes move all over the place and I guess this was to build up tension and if done right it can work, but when you’re a hack filmmaker it’s a disaster. And speaking of camera shots there is this weird shot early on where the camera is tilted to the side and it looks as if the camera was too heavy to hold. Note to Lommel you aren’t Sam Raimi or Dario Argento so stop trying to be fancy since it looks idiotic.

I really don’t what to even say to be honest. This movie is horrible in every aspect and I really can’t think of one positive thing to say. This makes Uwe Boll look like John Carpenter. Seriously after sitting through a few Lommel movies I’ll never bash Boll or Claudio Fragasso ever again. To say this movie sucks would be the understatement of the century. In general the lowest I normally rate a movie is 2-stars and it’s rare I go under that, but this garbage doesn’t even deserve the 1 I gave it.