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Daddy’s Girl (1996) Review

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** Out of 5

Tagline- Evil Has An Innocent Face

Release Date- 1996

Running Time- 95-Minutes

Rating- R

Screenplay- Steve Pesce

Director- Martin Kitrosser

Starring- William Katt, Michele Greene, Roxana Zal, Gabrielle Boni

Rather lame thriller about a deranged young girl Jodi (Boni) that kills anyone that attempts to separate her from her father Don (Katt).

The script by Steve Pesce is rather poor with boring characters and a cliched plot that never does anything different than past films dealing with murdering children, only this film does it worse. More often than not parents blame other kids when their children gets in trouble since they can’t see the bad in their kids, but in this case Jodi is clearly mentally ill and how everyone is so oblivious is beyond me well everyone except one character. The attempt at family drama is boring and cliched. It seems Pesce wanted to make Jodi a mini Freddy Krueger since she often has a wisecrack to make after killing someone.

Director Martin Kitrosser best known for co-writing Friday the 13th Parts 3 & 5 and being a script supervisor on the films of Quentin Tarantino directs with no style and everything here is lifeless and dull, but to Kitrosser’s defense he doesn’t have much of a script to work with, but he still delivers a subpar movie with sluggish pacing and lackluster suspense. The whole production comes across as a TV movie on lifetime.

Gabrielle Boni as the evil child from hell Jodi delivers a really fun performance and one has to wonder how such actors as William Katt (Greatest American Superhero, Carrie) and Michele Greene (L.A. Law) got involved with this mess.

Overall Daddy’s Girl is a poor movie, but as bad as the movie is it does however work on the so bad its good level at times at certain times. I would recommend this on a boring night if only for a good laugh.