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The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Review

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Here is the first ever 2 for 1 review as Neil and I tackle the Dark Knight Rises

Review by Dave Kaye

***** Out of 5

To say I loved this movie would be an understatement. For me this was an epic conclusion to what could possibly be the best trilogy of all time. Christopher Nolan has totally reinvented Batman and never has the character or films been any better. The writing is great the characters are great and Bane (Hardy) makes for a great villain. The addition of Anne Hathaway was great and she is my favorite Catwoman. Nolan does a brilliant job with the story and action and I would rate this a very close 2nd to the Dark Knight and honestly the main reason I rate the Dark Knight higher is due to Heath Ledger as Joker.

Dark Knight Rises met and passed my expectations and is hands down my favorite film of 2012 and quite honestly I don’t see anything topping this. In my opinion Christian Bale is hands down the best Bruce Wayne/ Batman and once again is excellent. Overall Dark Knight Rises was an epic conclusion and Nolan has done it again with another masterpiece.


3.5 Out of 5

(Spoilers in the review)

One of the most enjoyed creations on this planet, for me, is Bat Man. Yes, I feel a kin to Mr Wayne, no my parents were not killed by some degenerate, but he uses his anger for good. I like that. How many people in this world use their anger for hate mongering? Christopher Nolan created the new movie Bat Man as a realistic version for us all. Who do you empathise with more? Adam West or Michael Keaton or Christian Bale? I say Christian Bale. Nolan gave us pause to really put Bat Mans origin through the wringer and analyze it with emotion. It is my belief that Bruce Wayne died the moment his parents hit the pavement, for the seed of vengeance was planted. I am sitting at my ‘puter to try and explain my thoughts on The Dark Knight Rises, but it feels like I am writing an obituary. As I adored Batman Begins and was enthralled with The Dark Knight so I of course was going into “Rises” with high expectations, perhaps to high. Shall I start then?

I left the theatre feeling quite ill.

Unfortunately the score was extremely loud. And other than the interesting chant (deshi,deshi, basara, basara….which is Arabic for he is coming fast) in the odd piece the score was lacking originality compared to the first two films. Hans Zimmer lost his touch maybe because James Newton Howard was missing.

With this loud and blaring score in my ear half the time I was unable to hear most of the dialogue, especially when Bane was speaking, that was irritating my G-D!!!

So what are my biggest problems with the film you ask, other than the score?
ALFRED GIVES AWAY THE ENDING!!!! Alfred had hoped Bruce would never come out of exile and maybe leave and find happiness. Alfred tells Bruce the times when he was on vacation during Bruce’s first leave of absence that he would sit at a café somewhere and see Bruce sitting with his new found family. But not speak to one another just nod and Alfred can be at peace. And what happens at the end? Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle, yes CATWOMAN, together presumably as a couple, with Bruce smiling for once. Not on my watch Nolan, no fucking way!!!

Okay, next.

The character of John Blake played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt was fine, except the lingering feeling that this guy is going to be an issue with the overall film. And I was correct. He tells Bruce that he knew he was Bat Man the moment they met when John was a boy. How? John Blake lost his parents also in an unreasonable fashion such as Bruce Wayne did. But John explains that he has to hide beneath masks to please others to hide the anger and pain over his parents deaths. When John met Bruce while in he was in the orphanage and Mr Wayne came by to greet the kids. John knew the pain Bruce was in and it made sense to him that Bruce was Bat Man. I would say that Batman disappearing for years the same exact fucking time as Bruce goes into hiding would be a hint.

So after Bane and Bat Mans first fight, after Bane dislocates Bruce’s spine (just like in the books so I appreciated that at least), Bruce is taken to a prison that is technically underground. But can be climbed out of if your lucky. So fine, Bruce gets better, heals up and strengthens but here is the kicker BRUCE WAYNE IS BROKE, didn’t know that? This happened earlier in the film when Cat Woman stole Bruce’s finger prints so that his business adversaries could ‘lose” it for him, when fingerprints are needed to use funds to invest and whatnot. Also, WHERE IS BRUCE??? Its not in America not with the strange language that is spoken. How did he get back to Gotham so quick, with no money, no food or proper clothes??? Big hole, big hole in the story.
Now, to have a nuclear bomb as the axis of fear for the city? Not original or feasible. Batman flys off in his new jet plane thing called THE BAT, ugh, with bomb in tow and it explodes a couple of miles off the coast of NEW YORK, yes I recogize New York, and BOOOM! There still would be waves of nuclear destruction hitting New Yor…I mean Gotham..but nope…they are safe. And as I explained the ending at the beginning of this piece how the FACK does Bruce escape that??? I felt like I was living in 1967 and watching Adam West flying off with a shitting bomb!!!!

Last but not near least….John Blake’s first name is actually ROBIN???!!!! Not Tim Drake or Jason Todd or Dick Grayson??? This is what I expected to a certain respect but not in such a shitty manner. Miranda Tate is actually Ra As Ghul’s daughter Talia, that I figured out almost immediately and that worked fine. But Robin John Blake??? How dare Nolan do this? Its just too horrible to realize but I did and I regret.

These are the only reasons I was let down by the film. Other then these reasons it wasn’t overall bad as a film but as the ending of the Dark Knight Trilogy it was a let down. The Dark Knight Rises is The Godfather Three of the trilogy.

Nuff said.