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The Directors: The Films of Lucio Fulci

Posted in Directors with tags on April 16, 2013 by Last Road Reviews

Here’s something new for the page. Over time these will evolve into profiles, but for now just keeping it simple.

Top 10

10. Murder Rock

While far from a good film its grown on me over the years. It makes my top 10 mainly to have a top 10.

9. Zombie 3

Make no mistake this is a bad film. If I’m in the right mood for it I can enjoy it other times be bored. Like the above its here to get a top 10.

8. Seven Notes in Black

Originally this was higher up, but for me at least it doesn’t hold up as well on multiple viewings. With that said its still a solid film that relies more on suspense than gore.

7. The Beyond

Many cite this as Fulci’s best. Obviously I disagree. The Beyond is an excellent flick that’s eerie and while incoherent the gore and atmosphere make up for it.

6. Cat in the Brain

The pacing can be a little sluggish in spots, but overall this is a really fun film with some great gore scenes.

5. City of the Living Dead

Like the Beyond, this can be incoherent, but the eerie feel and gore make up for it. However the incoherent plot in some ways helps the film as we’re as confused as the main characters. This has one of my favorite gore scenes with the girl vomiting her insides.

4. The House by the Cemetery

I think I like this one more for what it could have been rather than what it was. It seems as if the film is building up to all these revelations, none of which come. But its an eerie film and has this really odd and creepy vibe. When all is said and done it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but its eerie enough.

3. The New York Ripper

This film has far more going for it than given credit for. Unlike most of the films from Fulci’s splatter era this one has a coherent plot. While not his goriest film it does feature the most mean spirited deaths he ever shot. But when you get past that this film truly does have more to offer than people realize.

2. Zombi 2

Most people will mention the gore scenes and for good reason, but there is a lot more happening than just gore. The film is loaded with eerie atmosphere and great suspense. This is truly a wonderful film.

1. Don’t Torture a Duckling

Think Fulci is only a gore director? Well than watch this film. This is a movie I liked a lot, but after it was over I realized the full brilliance behind it. This is a must see and proves Fulci is as good as any other horror filmmaker.

With the good comes the bad. My bottom 4.

4. The House of Clocks

It has its moments actually, but in the end its mostly a bore and by this point Fulci,was far removed from his glory days.

3. Demonia

With the exception of a couple of gore scenes this can be a chore to sit through. Nice try, but a failure.

2. Touch of Death

Like the above some decent gore scenes, but its just a bad film that’s more meant to be a comedy, only it isn’t funny. Like Demonia, the gore scenes from this are used it Cat in the Brain. So skip this and watch Cat in the Brain.

1. Aenigma

Take a little Carrie and a little of Suspiria and what do you get? A really terrible film.