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Dismembering Christmas (2015) Review

Posted in Dismembering Christmas on September 23, 2015 by Last Road Reviews


*** Out of 5

Dismembering Christmas is the latest film from the guys over at Slasher Studios and in fairness I should mention that I’m friends with co-writer Kevin Sommerfield as I’ve been on his podcast, interviewed him on mine and submitted reviews for his website. However I won’t let that stop me from writing a fair and honest review. When the film was made available to watch for review I debated on what to do. Dismembering Christmas could turn out to be an enjoyable film, but it could also turn out lousy and that’s the case with any film, but seeing as I know Kevin I’d feel bad about writing a negative review. When you get into this field you have to take the good with the bad. My writing regardless of it were a screenplay or review don’t always get positive feedback, but you suck it up and deal with it. However my fears were put aside after viewing Dismembering Christmas as it isn’t a perfect film by any means as there are some flaws, but at the end of the day it kept me entertained enough to make it a fun watch. When it comes to modern horror I can’t say I’m a huge fan and sure there’s some great films out there, but in general I’m far more disappointed than pleased and low budget horror films were once that backbone of the genre, but with so many ways to raise money for your project there’s a lot of people that have no business making films and the low budget horror film while giving us some good films, but delivers far too many fanboy movies and have no clue how to craft a low budget film as they try and be more than they are. But where those films failed Dismembering Christmas is able to rise above a good bulk.

The screenplay was written by Steve Goltz and Kevin Sommerfield and it’s very much in the style of an 80s slasher film. While a little wordy, but that’s not really an issue as the script is quite entertaining. Characters are fair enough though a couple a little underused, but with that said they all have at least one character moment. The only issue I have is Goltz and Sommerfield clearly love 80s slasher films as it shows in not just this film, but their past work, but at times they remain a little too close and I can’t help but feel they’re holding back their fullest potential. Overall despite any issues I had the script proves to be entertaining and really that’s all that truly matters.

Austin Bosley makes his feature film debut with Dismembering Christmas and Bosley handles the production well despite the low budget and makes an overall enjoyable film. Like I mentioned with the script feeling a little restrained at times the same can be applied to the direction. As I mentioned Bosley makes a fun film, but I would have liked to have seen a few more chances taken with the film. The first half is enjoyable, but I never quite felt the characters were in any jeopardy, but the 2nd half of the film Bosley delivers some fairly good stalk scenes and impressively filmed death scenes that look a bit gorier than they actually are.

Overall Dismembering Christmas is a fun throwback to the 80s with some fun homages. It isn’t a perfect film, but when all is said and done it’s fun and only running at a brief 71-minutes it moves fast enough.