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Invasion of the Pod People (2007) Review

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* ½ Out of 5

Tagline- They Will Replace Your Body and Devour Your Soul

Release Date- November 2nd, 2007

Running Time- 85-Minutes

Rating- R

Screenplay- Leigh Scott

Director- Justin Jones

Starring- Erica Roby, Jessica Bork, Marat Glazer, Danae Nason

Invasion of the Pod People is yet another cheap knockoff film from Asylum and while some of their movies can be fun such as Abraham Lincoln Vs. Zombies (which I liked better than Vampire Hunter), but other films from asylum can be downright horrible like Pod People, which of course is a knock off of the Body Snatcher series and was released in 2007 the same year as The Invasion the 4th film in the series and like the previous 3 was a remake. Invasion of the Pod People is more of a remake of the previous movies and doesn’t have much in common with the Invasion. I’m a big fan of the Invasion of the Body Snatcher series and I even enjoy many of the knockoff films and I’m just a sucker for the alien invasion movies, which feature a plot like the Body Snatcher movies. I just love the concept for the movies and the 1978 version is a complete masterpiece is my eyes and if anything Invasion of the Pod People takes more elements from the original 1956 version and the 1978 remake, but the difference being those two films were great and this was a compete disaster.

After a meteor shower workers at an agency soon become taken over by pods and that’s basically your plot. The screenplay by Leigh Scott is rather horrendous with no sense of plot or characters and the script best described is lifeless and a total bore. I really don’t know what else to say about the script since its rather poor. Scott takes a lot of elements from the Body Snatcher films, but gets everything wrong.

Director Justin Jones fails at brining much to the film and as bad as the writing was the direction doesn’t fair any better. Each scene is as sluggish as the last with zero suspense and zero excitement. The highlight of the film is the girl on girl action and even that kinda lacks, but even a weak girl on girl scenes still pretty cool right? While Jones for a scene or 2 does deliver some decent moments, but as a whole the film is poorly paced and worst of all boring.

Overall Invasion of the Pod People was terrible and as I stated before I love these kinda movies even if they are knockoff films, but I really can’t think of much positive to say outside of a few good looking women and some nudity. This film really has nothing to offer and takes more elements from the first 2 Invasion of the Body Snatchers rather than the Invasion, but regardless Invasion of the Pod People is a complete hack job.