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Kiss Me Killer (1977) Review

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** Out of 5

Release Date- March 31st, 1977

Running Time- 99-Minutes

Rating- R

Screenplay- David Khunne & Roland Marceignac

Director- Roland Marceignac (Jesus Franco)

Starring- Alberto Dalbés, Acosta, Alice Arno, Lina Romay

Released in 1977, Kiss Me Killer directed Jesus Franco under the name Roland Marceignac is a remake of one of his movies from the 60s and while Kiss Me Killer had potential to be a fun revenge themed crime/drama, Franco though just makes a mess of a film that’s boring visually and a bit confusing in execution. Drug kingpin Freddy Carter (Dalbés) is betrayed by members of his gang and left for dead. 2-years later, Freddy is back and out for revenge.

The screenplay by David Khunne & Roland Marceignac is poorly plotted despite an interesting idea. The characters are dull and boring and the script is just simply put a mess. Again the idea is interesting and with better writers this could have been something decent rather than the hack job it turned out to be.

As director, Jesus Franco or should I say Roland Marceignac delivers a sloppy and poorly paced film as well as a poorly shot film. The few action scenes are boring and lifeless the crime/drama part of the film is quite boring and there is no excitement to be found here at all with the story. Nothing here really works and its basically hack filmmaking. At 99-minutes the film is also way too long and it can be a chore to sit through. Kiss Me Killer like many of Franco’s other films is also a soft core porn and Franco leaves nothing to the imagination as he zooms in on and gets very close shots of a certain part of the female body. The sex scenes aren’t very erotic for the most part and are quite boring, but Lina Romay is so beautiful that the scenes are also very hot simply due to her. While some felt the soft core aspect of the film took away from the story I felt it added to the film as Franco fails at every turn with a boring and lifeless film and the sex scenes are about the only real thing of interest and again despite the sex scenes also being a hack job they work simply due to Lina Romay being total hotness.

Overall Kiss Me Killer is quite a boring and sloppy film and while I liked the idea behind the film, Jesus Franco simply doesn’t have the skill level to pull it off. I very much get the appeal of Franco’s films and there are some by him I do enjoy, but for the most part his films are quite poor (and not always in a good way) and Kiss Me Killer is just a bore of a film only really saved by the stunning Lina Romay. You’d be better off fast forwarding through the film and only watching her scenes. Franco fans might get something out of this, but for those who feel he’s hit or miss like I do will mostly be zoning out of this boring mess.