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Last Road Reviews Year One

Posted in Last Road Reviews Year 1 on December 27, 2012 by Last Road Reviews

This is my last blog of 2012 and I wanted to do something a little different.

Well the first year at Last Road Reviews is done. It’s been a fun year here and I’m glad I made the move here. This was the first blog (sort of) that I ran. When I started writing reviews it was on the IMDb, than Amazon, MySpace and Facebook.

I have an EBlogger page I might even have a couple of reviews posted but didn’t like it there. WordPress has been great since I met a lot of great people here.

I have so many ideas for this page and it can be difficult to get to them all. Also the hurricane didn’t help matters and forced me to delay writing and posting some cool features such as You Wanna be a Filmmaker (only the intro blog is up) I also started the Scream Queen of the Month blog (but only got October and it was Bianca Barnett).

December was Christmas themed reviews. Since I had so many reviews written I wasn’t affected much, though originally it wasn’t just horror reviews but had no choice to roll with that since that’s all I had written and many of my non-horror Christmas themed movies I planned to review were ruined in the flood with many, many other films.

But year one went amazing. The page started off slow, real slow. But thankfully has now picked up. Since the storm my numbers did slightly drop but I was also inactive here for most of November. But the page is still doing well again and I’m still having a blast so I cannot complain.

2013 promises to be much better as I will finally get to the blogs I wanted to post. I also have a new blog idea where I break down and examine a certain film (it’s not a review, but its sort of in that style). This will be called In Defense Of and the intro blog will be posted in January though I am unsure when the first will be posted breaking down a film.

At some point I’ll have a best of 2012 but seeing as I wasn’t overly fond of the films of 2012 it will take a while (actually it may not even be posted until midway through 2013!)

Though early in 2013 I will try to post a best of home video release.

So coming in 2013 will be my In Defense Of, So You Wanna Be a Filmmaker and the return of Scream Queen of the Month. I have no exact time when these will be posted but I hope January.

I enjoy reading reviews written by other bloggers and I am behind, but times are a little hectic at times, which makes it tough to keep up with reviews and even emails. Sometime in January I’ll be out of where I am now and in a new house this is the last move as well. So if I am inactive or don’t check out other pages just give me sometime.

Thanks to all who have supported the page and thank you to those who reached out to me after the storm with a special shout out to Victor De Leon and Misty Layne.

Thanks everyone see you in 2013!!