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Shadow Men (Short Film)

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**** Out of 5

After a heist 3 men take shelter in an abandoned basement, but not long after getting there they begin to have visions of their past, which turn deadly.

Whenever viewing short films of aspiring filmmakers I’m always a little weary. We all have to start somewhere, but nowadays with so many methods to shoot on with the Internet there are many people out there that should simply be film fans and not filmmakers and I’m happy to say that doesn’t apply to the cast and crew behind Shadow Men. This film mixes in crime/drama and horror and a lot of time theses mixtures don’t work regardless of what genre you’re mixing in. The problem is usually one takes away from the other, but the makers of Shadow Men did a good job without one taking away from the other.

Shadow Men isn’t a perfect film, but its solid and fun. The budget was low and we can see that but the film doesn’t look cheap, but due to the low budget you have to shoot and edit the F/X a certain way and with this film it was done properly thus making it effective.

However the biggest surprise was the acting. I really didn’t expect much and after the film was over my thinking was with more time these 3 guys can turn out to be fairly good actors.

Overall Shadow Men was a lot of fun and while other films have used similar plot devices I still found it to work here and a special shout out to the composer with a score that John Carpenter would be proud of.

Here is the link to view the short film itself

Indiegogo page

Junto box page