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Strip Nude for Your Killer (1975) Review

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*** ½ Out of 5

Release Date- August 26th, 1975

Running Time- 98-Minutes

Rating- NR

Screenplay- Massimo Felisatti

Director- Andrea Bianchi

Starring- Edwige Fenech, Niño Castelnuovo, Femi Benussi, Solvi Stubing, Amanda

Released in 1975 Strip Nude for Your Killer is one of the sleazier Giallos and was directed by Andrea Bianchi best known to horror fans for directing the so bad it’s good Burial Ground, which also had a good amount of sleaze. With Strip Nude for Your Killer, Bianchi focuses more on sleaze than suspense and what we get is a good film, but not without its shortcomings. I have zero problems with sex and nudity in film, but I do think too much focus was put on that and the film needed a better balance as when it does focus on suspense, Bianchi actually does a fairly good job.

The screenplay by Massimo Felisatti is your standard Giallo from the era only with more sleaze; characters are entertaining enough, but are also rather faceless and not very likable for the most part. The plot deals with a botched abortion, which leads to the death of a woman and its covered up to look like an accidental death; not long after somebody kills the doctor who made the mistake and begins to target workers at a model agency. The plot while not the strongest this genre has to offer is decent enough to carry the movie for the most part. The identity and motive for the killer is a bit out there, but also works in a weird way. Overall the script was good enough, but at times does lose direction, but there is enough going on to make up for an ok script.

Director Andrea Bianchi crafts a solid movie with some decent suspense, but a lot more effort was put into the sleaze than anything else. When Bianchi focuses on the suspense he’s actually able to put together some effective scenes, but for the most part they take a backseat to the sleazier elements of the plot. Besides this the only other film by Bianchi I’ve seen is Burial Ground, which for me is one of the ultimate so bad its good movies and as fun as the film was lets be honest it was a hack job, but with Strip Nude for Your Killer, Bianchi shows to have some talent behind the camera and while at times the pacing can be sluggish, but for the most part the film works with some decent suspense and a lot of sleaze so there really aren’t many dull moments. While I don’t mind the sleazy nature of the film at all I would have liked to have seen a little more put into the suspense and tension since when Bianchi does focus on that the film works very well. Besides some pacing issues around the final act, Bianchi delivers an entertaining semi-suspenseful and highly sleazy film that mostly works well.

What this film has going for it is some very beautiful women who more often than not are naked or wearing as little as possible. The stunning Edwige Fenech is always a joy to watch clothed or not.

Overall Strip Nude for Your Killer is a solid Giallo that while flawed has enough action and beautiful women on display to keep things interesting and while the film at times can be a little sloppy, but fans of Euro cinema should give this one a watch. This isn’t exactly Dario Argento, but its still a solid Giallo. Despite the title and even the back of the box nobody strips for the killer, but there is a creepy scene with a woman totally naked getting stalked and killed.