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Supercop (1992) Review

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**** Out of 5

Tagline- Meet the Cop That Can’t be Stopped

Release Date- July 4th, 1992

Running Time- 92-Minutes

Rating- R

Screenplay- Edward Tang, Fibe Ma & Lee Wai Yee

Director- Stanley Tong

Starring- Jackie Chan, Michelle Khan, Maggie Cheung, Ken Tsang, Wah Yuen

Released in 1992 Supercop, which also goes under the title Police Story III and while it probably wouldn’t be the best film Jackie Chan was in, but with that said Supercop would probably rate as my favorite Chan film as its just mindless fun and its filled with some truly memorable action scenes. A lot of Chan’s Hong Kong films do have a Hollywood vibe going for them and Supercop very much feels like something out of Hollywood from the early 90s when the film was made. However as great as Chan is, in my opinion it’s Michelle Yeoh (under the name Michelle Khan) that totally steals the show and very much holds her own against the iconic Jackie Chan.

Insp. Chan Ka Kui (Chan) goes undercover along with Insp. Yang (Yeoh) to stop a dangerous drug czar.

The screenplay by Edward Tang, Fibe Ma & Lee Wai Yee in a word, fun. The script is highly entertaining and always a lot of fun. The plot is light and its actually quite easy to sort of forget the point of the mission, but its more than made for with truly fun character moments. Action films don’t need a strong plot to work as if you look at some of the Lethal Weapon films, while all 4 featured terrific screenplays, in some of them it’s kind of easy to forget exactly what the main plot is as its filled with subplots and character moments and basically that’s how Supercop was written and while the characters here aren’t as developed as those in Lethal Weapon, but Edward Tang, Fibe Ma & Lee Wai Yee write a terrifically funny screenplay that is fun from start to finish.

Director Stanley Tong crafts a well made film that at 92-minutes flies by as pacing is excellent. From the opening frame until closing, Tong always keep the film fun and exciting and the action scenes never fail to bring major excitement as he captures everything perfectly. The overall production does feel a little like something we’d see produced in the Hollywood system, which in a modern era wouldn’t be a good thing, but at this time different story. Stanley Tong crafts a great action filled with some of Chan’s most exciting stunts (Michelle Yeoh as well) and Tong clearly has an eye for epic fight scenes.

There’s a reason why Jackie Chan became one of the biggest action stars in the world. His stunt work here is nothing short of brilliant and one thing that often gets overlooked is how charismatic he is on screen. When it comes to fight scenes you’ll be hard pressed to find someone better than Chan same with stunt work, but I think his natural onscreen charisma also played a part in his iconic career. Besides being a gifted fighter he’s also quite funny and even though Chan’s film legacy is set and he’s a film icon I still actually think he’s underrated since many people don’t always mention how funny and charismatic he is. Though as great as Jackie Chan was, Michelle Yeoh very much holds her own with fight scenes and stunts just as impressive as Jackie’s. Michelle Yeoh has also appeared with Jet Li and no matter what martial artists she appears beside, Michelle always holds her own against them and after this film I became a bigger fan of Michelle Yeoh who also doesn’t get her due credit for not only get fight and stunt work, but her onscreen presence.

Overall Supercop is an excellent and fun and action packed film filled with some great stunt work from Chan and Yeoh. Perhaps this isn’t Jackie Chan’s best film, but it is my favorite.