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Top 15 Scream Queens

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What exactly makes a Scream Queen? Is it someone who has appeared in many horror films? What about an actress that made 1 horror film that she gave a great performance to go along with a great film? Many people will say you need a few horror films to be a Scream Queen and that’s fair enough, but what about if most of those films are terrible? So with this list I decided that it doesn’t matter if you have 1 credit or 100. All that matters is quality of the film and performance.

I know some will disagree with me including actresses that aren’t really known for horror, but again it’s about quality more than anything else. There were several actresses left out that I really wanted to include such as Daniela Doria, Zora Kerova, Lorraine De Selle and they almost made the cut, but in the end decided against it.

(For some reason I am having trouble with uploads so if any pictures don’t show sorry about that.

15. Hayden Panettiere

Notable films- Scream 4


I know many will disagree with my placing of Hayden at number 15 and I could have placed several other actresses here, but I went with Hayden because Kirby in Scream 4 is just awesome! A hot chick who loves horror. As much as I liked Scream 4 without Hayden it might have been a little less.

14. Franca Stoppi

Notable Films- Beyond the Darkness, The Other Hell


Her character Iris was downright creepy in Beyond the Darkness and while that may be her most notable credit (she has done other horror flicks) Iris is one of the more memorable characters and Stoppi more than deserving.

13. Marilyn Burns

Notable films- The Texas Chainsaw Massacre


Like the above she has a couple more credits, but TCM is all she needs. I easily could have rated her higher. Besides a great performance the hell that she went through while filming alone gets her on this list. As Sally, Marilyn Burns was great and sure I could fill this up with other actresses with tons of credits, but none of those actresses gave as strong a performance or were in as good a film.

12. Lisa Wilcox

Notable films- A Nightmare on Elm Street 4 & 5


I always preferred Alice over Nancy. That’s just me, but for certain purposes I couldn’t rate Lisa Wilcox higher. I just love how Alice starts and what she becomes. From shy nerd to kick ass chick ready to kick Freddy’s ass

11. Corteney Cox

Notable films- Scream, Scream 2, Scream 3, Scream 4


Nobody can play the bitch like Corteney and rather than wanna see her meet a grisly end you root for her to survive. Her performances are hysterical and she always brings the fun factor to the Scream movies.

10. Cristina Galbo

Notable films- What Have You Done to Solange, The Killer Must Kill Again, Living Dead at Manchester Morgue


One of the most stunning women to grace the screen, in all her films, Cristina not only brings beauty, but something innocent and naive to her performances.

9. Jennifer Love Hewitt

Notable films- I Know What You Did Last Summer, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer


I know some will disagree with J. Love on the list and perhaps as high as she rates. What guy wasn’t totally crushing on Jennifer back in the 90s? With her stunning looks, beautiful smile, J. Love brought the super hot girl next door quality to her films.

8. Catriona MacColl

Notable films- City of the Living Dead, The Beyond, House by the Cemetery


Her work with Fulci was great and MacColl brought a lot of class and charm in her work with Lucio Fulci.

7. Heather Langenkamp

Notable films- A Nightmare on Elm Street, A Nightmare on Elm Street 3, New Nightmare


I can hear the groans now over the ranking. Nancy is one of the greats for sure and the original Elm Street a masterpiece. Nancy wasn’t like most characters in horror films as she was not only smart, but didn’t need help in taking down Freddy. I’ve always loved the character and how she changed in the series.

6. Edwige Fenech

Notable films- The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh, Your Vice Is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key, The Case of the Bloody Iris, Strip Nude for Your Killer, Hostel: Part II


Is there any woman more stunning? I think not. Her Giallo work was truly excellent and it didn’t hurt she was always willing to shed her clothes. Edwige is one of my all-time favorites and wanted to rate her even higher.

5. Daria Nicolodi

Notable Films- Deep Red, Inferno, Tenebre, Phenomena, Opera


Her work with Argento is brilliant and at times European horror isn’t always know for strong female characters, but with Deep Red she broke that. Through the years her work with Argento made her a staple in the horror genre and Daria who sadly sometimes gets looked over is a terrific actress.

4. Danielle Harris

Notable Films- Halloween 4, Halloween 5, Halloween, Halloween II, Hatchet II


Danielle is probably the only child actor in a horror film that didn’t get on my nerves. As young Jamie Lloyd in Halloween 4 & 5, Danielle gave performances far beyond her years and her work with Rob Zombie in his Halloween films were great. Halloween II she really got to show off her acting range. But she will always be remembered as Jamie Lloyd and dare I say I liked her more than Laurie?

3. Sheila Keith

Notable Films- The House of Whipcord, Frightmare, The Comeback


Sadly an actress that time has forgotten. Her work with Pete Walker is truly amazing. She was downright creepy in House of Whipcord and the Comeback, but Frightmare she was just chilling! Its sad many horror fans don’t mention her as she was a terrific actress and if she doesn’t seriously creep you out something must be wrong with you.

2. Jamie Lee Curtis

Notable Films- Halloween, The Fog, Prom Night, Terror Train, Halloween II, Halloween H20


What can I say about Jamie that hasn’t already been stated before? Her title of the scream queen is more than fitting and deserving as her work in the genre is iconic for a reason. As Laurie Strode she set the bar on the woman in danger role. I often alternate on my top 2 picks since both are more than deserving.

1. Neve Campbell

Notable Films- Scream, Scream 2, Scream 3, Scream 4, The Craft


This might be a surprise to some, but as Sydney, Neve Campbell set the bar for the modern scream queen. She was vulnerable, but not weak as she fights back at every turn. Neve brought this sweet tough innocence to Syd, but when push comes to shove she’ll kick your ass!

A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child (1989) Review

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*** Out of 5

Tagline- It’s A Boy

Release Date- August 11th, 1989

Running Time- 89-Minutes

Rating- R

Screenplay- Leslie Bohem

Director- Stephen Hopkins

Starring- Robert Englund, Lisa Wilcox, Kelly Jo Minter, Danny Hassel, Erika Anderson, Joe Seely

Released in 1989 A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Child like the previous installment was rushed into production to capitalize on the massive success the series had going at the time. The Dream Master released in 1988 became the highest grossing of the series at the time, which it would hold until the 2010 remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street (this of course is excluding Freddy Vs.Jason and box office adjustments). 1989 saw the franchises take a dip in numbers as that year Friday the 13th Part VIII and Halloween 5 also saw their lowest box office numbers (both still hold that record not taking in box office adjustments).

Dream Child isn’t the flop some people make it out to be, but seeing as the 4th took in over 40-million and this part took in under 20 it is seen as a letdown. I think by this point each year a new sequel would be released and people began to tire and the tide was turning on the horror genre as a whole since outside of the franchises horror wasn’t as profitable as it was just a few years earlier. One thing clear is this film was rushed as it came out August 11th, 1989 and the 4th was released August 19th of 1988. I think the final product clearly shows the film was rushed and had more time been given I actually think this could have been one of the better sequels as it again has a lot of deeper issues, but the final product is a bit messy at times.

The Dream Child attempts at going back to the roots of the series and make Freddy scary again instead of being a homicidal bugs bunny. The Dream Child has a more gothic look and deals with such issues as teen pregnancy, being a single mother and eating disorders and this film had potential to be a lot deeper, but never plays up to these ideas. The comedy is sort of toned down as Freddy doesn’t actually appear a lot, but when he does he does have something silly to say, which doesn’t really mesh with the darker tone created and this one also features far less carnage than we’re used to seeing in an Elm Street movie. Even the makers realized the body count was too low, which normally I don’t have a problem with if the movie is really good. The original Elm Street only had a few deaths, but no offense, but Stephen Hopkins isn’t Wes Craven and the low body count does hinder the film at times.

Dream Child was a movie I wanted to love since I prefer the dark and evil Freddy with little to no comedy and the makers of Dream Child again had all the right ideas, but in the end it just doesn’t fully work, but despite that I enjoyed this this one more than most people and while I cannot defend the movie fully from those that claim this as one of the weaker ones, but for me I actually liked this more than most of the sequels and yes that includes Dream Warriors. Actually I would rate this as my 3rd favorite of the original series behind the original and Dream Master (as I stated in my review for Dream Master I see New Nightmare as its own film, but if I count it that would be my 2nd favorite of the series). At the end of the day the Elm Street movies may not be my favorite franchise, but I did grow up with them and will always have a special affection for them.

Freddy (Englund) once again is resurrected and this time strikes through Alice’s (Wilcox) unborn baby. And that basically sums up the plot as outside of that not a whole lot is happening story wise. It’s much of the same as the past parts, but with as touched upon earlier a little bit deeper of issues.

The screenplay by Leslie Bohem has all the right ideas, but it was clear the script was rushed and could have used a little more work as the ideas presented are solid, but aren’t executed to their fullest potential. As I mentioned this also deals with some deeper issues, but they aren’t fully explored. There can be lulls in the script as its more character driven rather than action and the plot wasn’t strong enough to carry the movie. If anything the script is sort of like the original in terms of its not about action, but this wasn’t nearly as well written as the original film.

Like previous installments the characters are actually fairly interesting, but they are also a bit cliched and therefore they can only carry the movie for so long, but overall in terms of characters that is the one thing the film gets right, but again they are a little cliched and mostly recite dialogue from other films just worded differently, but are fairly likable. In the end I think the biggest problem with the screenplay is there isn’t any mystery left to Freddy despite more attempts at a backstory, but it really doesn’t offer anything different than past movies. Again there were some nice touches of drama and deeper ideas than we’ve seen in the series, but Dream Child is hindered by being more or less the same. Overall for a 5th installment, Dream Child is fairly well written but brought down by clearly being rushed. John Skipp & Craig Spector also wrote the screenplay however they aren’t credited.

Director Stephen Hopkins creates a more gothic look and from a visual side Dream Child really stands out from what came before and after. Starting in Elm St. 3, Freddy became a homicidal Bugs Bunny and I know a lot of fans prefer comedic Freddy, but I’m one the people who prefer a dark and evil Freddy and Hopkins attempts at making Freddy a more imposing figure, but there is still plenty of comedy. Unlike the previous 2 there are long stretches when Freddy doesn’t appear so in that sense the comedy is toned down, but when he does make an appearance he often has a wisecrack and the problem here is it doesn’t really mesh well with the tone of the film Hopkins is trying to create.

The pace of the film can be somewhat sluggish as there are long stretches without any action and while the characters can carry the picture to a certain degree, but by this point in the series there is no mystery left to Freddy and keeping him off camera or hidden in the shadows worked brilliantly in the original, but here it can lead to a sluggish pace. The Dream Child doesn’t feature a lot of action only about 3 deaths in the 90-minute running time and this is bound to turn a lot of people off and seeing as the past 2 were so action filled with creative deaths this can be a letdown in that aspect and while the original film didn’t need a lot of action, Hopkins while a competent filmmaker is no Wes Craven.

I really liked what Stephen Hopkins was attempting to do and while in some ways it does work, again I think had this been the first sequel what Hopkins was attempting would have worked a lot better since there really wasn’t any mystery left to the Freddy character, but with that said again I liked what Hopkins was going for and for better or worse, the Dream Child does standout from other installments of the series.

Most fans seem to rate The Dream Child, Freddy’s Revenge and Freddy’s Dead as the weakest of the series, but I personally would rate this as my 3rd favorite behind the original and Dream Master (as I stated in my review for Dream Master I see New Nightmare as more of a spinoff if not for that New Nightmare would be my 2nd favorite). I really can’t defend Dream Child from those who say its the weakest of the series or one of the weaker ones since there clearly are some problems with the movie, but I can say though despite the flaws I mostly enjoy this one and even though it features some silly wisecracks and some silly scenes, I liked how the film attempted at making Freddy an imposing figure once again.