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10 Films in Need of a blu-ray Release

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10 Films in Need of a blu-ray Release

I’ll be leaving off films that have been announced officially such as say Suspiria or Prom Night to name a couple. Though no details have been released they have been announced (both by Synapse). There are a few others announced with also no information. Its possible in future editions if still no details I’ll list them.

Also some titles listed might have a blu-ray release, but its region 2 or whatever. I am only listing titles not yet released for region 1.

This list was picked randomly and is in no particular order either.

Cult classic that features an old and outdated transfer and in major need of an HD upgrade. Originally released on DVD in 1999 by Anchor Bay than again in 2007 by Henstooth. I have no idea if the same master was used, but it wasn’t mastered in HD.

One of the best of the 90s. This had a reissue on DVD mastered in HD, which looks alright but a blu-ray would be ideal.

Released on DVD by Anchor Bay than re-released by Grindhouse Releasing in a terrific DVD release. The Beyond has been released on blu- ray outside of the States.

Excellent film with a truly great cast. I assume sooner or later a blu-ray will be released.

One of the most controversial films ever made. The DVD by Grindhouse Releasing is an excellent release the only thing better would be a blu-ray.

One of the greats and the DVD while not terrible is very outdated now. I assume someday this will get the HD treatment, but until than the DVD will have to do.

Decent slasher film which was the directorial debut for David Hess (also his only feature film). Only released on VHS, which is now long OOP. I read the negatives are now lost and only print is the VHS master. If true I doubt this will see the light of day sadly. Hell I’d even settle for a DVD release.

This is my favorite Fulci film and the DVD features average video and audio. Apparently the DVD didn’t sell well and therefore Blue-Underground has no plans for a blu-ray (as I write this no idea if they still have the rights). Its a shame as this is a terrific film and for those who think Fulci is only a splatter director need to see this.

The last truly great film of the series as the rest while perhaps fun weren’t nearly as good. This is out on DVD as part of a double feature with Ghost of Frankenstein. Its an old DVD and suffers from many of the problems that plagued early DVDs. Universal actually treats their classic era well, but it seems only certain films. The HD quality on their blu- ray set of the Monster collection was terrific. Here’s hoping Son of Frankenstein gets the same or at the very least a new upgraded DVD transfer.

In December of 2012, Anchor Bay re-released this in a double feature with part 2 to coincide with the release of the remake. They used the same exact transfer for both films. The older Anchor Bay pre-HD aren’t as bad as other companies from the era. I mean sure those old titles can use an upgrade, but while some are horribly dated others are at least average. SNDN is sort of in the middle. As far as I know this was Anchor Bay’s 3rd release. The first being a double feature with part 2, a solo DVD for the original and another double feature with all 3 the same transfer. In this day and age I have no idea why Anchor Bay chose to use an old master and not give it a blu-ray release or at least a new DVD transfer. Anchor Bay isn’t the same as it was in the 90s to around mid-2000s, but that’s still no excuse for using an almost decade old print (the first DVD release was in 2003).